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Mr. Kunal G. Mehra

Mr. Kunal G. Mehra, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Market Development. He leads the transition of SSCI’s technology development programs into fielded products. Mr Mehra successfully led the commercialization of both the CMARS and ImageNav products while securing Phase III funding. Prior to SSCI, he was Vice President of Strategy and Market Development at Equitant Inc. (ACQ: IBM), a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider that managed over $50 billion of revenue on behalf of market leaders such as Microsoft, Cisco, Lucent, Hewlett Packard, and Visteon, among others.

While spearheading Equitant’s Global Market Development and Strategy, Mr. Mehra helped increase revenues by 80% in the 18 months prior to IBM’s acquisition of the company. He holds a B.S. (Honors with Distinction) in Operations Research with Minors in Economics and International Affairs from Columbia University.


Dr. Sanjeev Seereeram

Dr. Sanjeev Seereeram, Senior Vice President, Research and Development. Dr. Seereeram is responsible for building an R+D engineering team capable of developing and testing advanced technologies for unmanned systems.

He has led DARPA, NASA, AFRL and NAVAIR-funded efforts to develop software for onboard autonomy, mission planning, image-based navigation, autonomy and control for maritime, air and space systems. His interests and experience include Autonomous and Intelligent Systems, Advanced Controls and Estimation, and Information Technologies. Dr. Seereeram holds a M.S. in Electrical Engineering (Brown University) and a Ph.D. in Computer & Systems Engineering (RPI).


Ms. Lora Loyall

Ms. Lora Loyall is the Vice President of Finance at SSCI since April 2017. She oversees operational and strategic financial planning and analysis, accounting, compliance, and contracting functions for the company.

Prior to coming to SSCI, Ms. Loyall held senior financial positions at BBN Technologies (now part of Raytheon), iRobot’s Government Division, BTI Systems (now part of Juniper Networks), and Crossbeam Systems (now part of Symantec). She brings 20 years of financial and government accounting and strategic planning experience to SSCI. Ms. Loyall holds an M.S. in Finance from Northeastern University and a B.S. from Bloomfield College.


Ms. Patricia Kelly

Ms. Pat Kelly is the V.P. of Human Resources, Security and Administration. She oversee the Business Operations group including Human Resources, Security and Administration. One of Scientific Systems’ longest serving employees, Ms. Kelly rose from Manager to Senior Manager to V.P. Ms. Kelly brings over 30 years of experience in leading and directing business operations in various government contractor organizations. Earlier in her career, Ms. Kelly held similar roles at Allen Bradley and Westinghouse.

Ms. Kelly holds a M.S. in Business Admin. from Boston College. and B.S. from Boston Univ.