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Scientific Systems provides internship and co-op opportunities to university students pursuing degrees in engineering, robotics, and other technical disciplines.  As an intern, you’ll gain valuable hands-on experience and see how your studies are applied in real-world settings. Equal parts challenging and rewarding, you’ll be able to learn in a dynamic, supportive environment and discover first-hand how your career can make a real impact.

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A Better Way to Intern

Interns don’t spend their time with menial tasks – they contribute to real projects that make a real difference. Interns collaborate with the team to research, innovate and field test the projects that drive, swim, fly and ultimately move our nation’s defense forward.

Hear from interns who have made meaningful contributions to Scientific Systems.

“SSCI internships aren’t about busywork or unimportant projects, the team truly cares about investing and developing you. I’ve even had executive level leadership take time to teach me one-on-one so that I had better context of the advanced projects I was working on. This experience has really shown me how broad my field is and given me better perspective and clarity on where I want to take my career after graduation.”

“With my work on SSCI internal research projects, I’ve been given the opportunity to be a part of the research and discovery process that helps inform how SSCI will better manage future client projects. What I love most about this internship is the independence and trust I’ve been given to drive my research, while also being looped in to key client projects to see how my research will be applied for future contracts. Being a part of something I know will make an impact long after my internship ends is really what has made this experience so special.”

“I felt daunted heading into this internship, not really knowing how I could bring value with my limited coding experience. But SSCI didn’t expect me to know everything and allowed me to contribute to and be a part of meaningful, important work. My supervisor even took the time to bring me in on specific projects and field work to deepen my understanding of programming and engineering practices. SSCI really identifies your areas of strength as well as opportunities for growth to create an internship experience that allows you to be stretched while pursuing your passions.”

“This internship allowed me to apply what I’ve learned in my electrical and computer engineering classes and see how it makes a difference in a real-world setting. The SSCI team is friendly, supportive and always makes themselves accessible for learning. They really care a lot about taking the time to help you develop and make an effort to put you on projects in areas you’re most interested in. This definitely isn’t an average internship experience and one where you get to contribute to meaningful work.”

“SSCI gave me a lot of autonomy and trusted me to contribute to large, big deal projects. I was given significant responsibility and leadership from my supervisor and had the opportunity to work on a really large product enhancement project and help present to DARPA. I got to deep dive into what I’ve been studying and was exposed to environments and technical skills I couldn’t have had anywhere else – the experience I left with was absolutely invaluable.”

“Our interns are an integral part of our autonomous system development programs, they design system components, develop software applications, support field testing and system evaluation, analyze data, and support interactions with customers and partners. Tasks have ranged from designing new sensor enclosures for 3D printing and building out custom UAVs for prototype platform to acting as safety pilots for field test evaluations and writing user interface displays. Interns for the Active Perception Group have a strong hands on component developing engineering skills for building and deploying autonomous systems and smart sensors for real world tasks.”

“In the past year, some of our interns and co-ops in the Autonomous Systems Group have helped build and refine core algorithmic code for flight tests on real-world mid-sized unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).  Others have helped adapt novel algorithms for unmanned vehicle planning, drawing from recent academic literature and creating concrete implementations for use on simulated and real UAV platforms.”

“In the past year, Interns and co-ops in the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning group have helped build simulation infrastructure, algorithms, and code optimizations for a variety of programs involving AI/ML-augmented autonomous systems for use on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) operating in both urban and denied airspace environments.”


We’re proud to have internship and co-op programs established with universities that share the mission of advancing our nation’s defense. Explore some of the great schools we partner with below.

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Scientific Systems interns are ambitious, curious and ready to make a difference. Looking for a different kind of internship program? Apply now and reach out with any questions.