Engineering Science Into Solutions

At Scientific Systems, we develop advanced technologies for navigation, mission planning and AI-enabled autonomy systems for the Aerospace and Defense industries. Our solutions enable unmanned systems across air, ground, maritime and space domains to implement Commander’s Intent, ensure mission effectiveness, and dramatically shorten operational timelines.

Why We Do It

Improving Mission

Today’s front line isn’t clearly marked in the sand. The battlespace is multi-domain, over air, land, sea and space. Mission success requires creative thinking and the integration of disparate systems into a unified and collaborative force.

At Scientific Systems, we advance the possibilities of mission autonomy through pioneering innovations in navigation, mission planning and autonomous systems to shorten operational timelines and dramatically improve outcomes in difficult environments.

Timeline: 1970’s to Today

Company Milestones

Founded in 1976, we’ve delivered more than 40 years of continuous innovation. Many of these achievements are outlined in the timeline below. We invite you to see the path we’ve travelled to become the industry leader in AI-enabled mission autonomy. Click the dates to discover accomplishments for each decade. 


Meet the Executive Team

Our world-class scientists, engineers and technical architects hold decades of experience across the full spectrum of engineering, software development and management disciplines. Learn more about their roles, backgrounds and expertise.