Oases™ for Shipboard Landing (OASES-SL) is an optically-based shipboard landing aid for use with Group 3 or larger ship-based unmanned aerial systems. When mounted on an aircraft, OASES-SL provides a deck-relative aircraft position from the defined touchdown point at 25 Hz via an Ethernet connection to the air vehicle’s flight computer.

Powering Precision Landings

OASES-SL consists of hardened camera modules, combining perch-hover camera module with a glideslope camera module, along with a rugged processor module executing SSCI’s INAV-SL™ relative positioning software.

The OASES-SL system specifications are provided in Table 1. OASES-SL as delivered is configured to recognize standard “circle-H” civilian helicopter pad markings, and standard “circle-dot-line” US Navy helicopter shipboard landing patterns.

oases-sl system specifications OasesTM processor6.5in x 8.25in x 7in

9lbs~65W base system + ~55W GPU
OASES-SL Perch/Hover Camera Module6.45in x 7.32in x 7.26in5.18lbs6W
OASES-SL Glideslope Camera Module6.37in x 3.54in x 4.56in2.03lbs3W
OASES-SL System (excluding cabling)N/A16.2lbs130W

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