Mission Planning

Ensure Mission Success with CMA

The importance of autonomous mission planning can’t be overstated. As a critical component of navigation, Mission Planning enables vehicles and UAVs to make time-sensitive decisions in harsh environments. But existing mission development approaches are largely unscripted,
providing uncertainty and added complexity during unpredictable missions.

At Scientific Systems, we develop advanced technologies that enable commanders to establish
precise and efficient operational plans, accounting for known and unknown variables.

Advancing Mission Planning

Engineers and scientists deliver integrated Autonomy Architecture, Software and Mission Development to autonomously and collaboratively accomplish missions in difficult environments. Mission Planning features include:

  • Fully-integrated CMA Mission Planning, Configuration/Deployment, Monitoring and C2 tools
  • Tactical Decision Aid s/w modules for pre-mission optimization and in-mission monitoring, replanning,
  • Modular Autonomy plug-in cards (eg. PC-104 SBC supplied for REMUS-100 UUV)
Onboard CMA controller
  • Tailorable Mission and Platform Behaviors
  • Self-configuring s/w for heterogeneous UxVs (varying payloads & mission roles)
  • Fault Adaptation and Energy Management
  • Offboard TDA with autonomous reachback, supervisory mission/task level C2 interface
Open-architecture, APIs
  • MOOS, JAUS, ROS, FACE/UCS tested (2017)
  • OMS/UCS, DDS i/f in work/proposed (2018)

Enhance Your Mission Planning

Advance your awareness with our cutting-edge mission planning software. Contact a member of the Scientific Systems team for more information.