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Architects of Autonomy

Autonomy and artificial intelligence are rightfully touted for their enabling potential for national defense and scientific exploration. At Scientific Systems, we develop and holistically connect these and other relevant technologies together to provide disruptive, offsetting capabilities for unmanned systems, enabling them to make intelligent decisions and collaborate across the domains of space, air, land, and sea.

We’ve spent the past 40 years pioneering innovations, including advancements in AI-enabled mission autonomy, for all branches of the U.S. military, DARPA, NASA and more.

Advanced Technologies For AI-Enabled Autonomy

At Scientific Systems, expert engineers and scientists work together to develop cutting-edge solutions for the most complex challenges facing warfighters and scientific explorers in and through all warfighting domains from undersea to outer space. Discover how we’re advancing the possibilities of AI-enabled autonomy to achieve Commander’s Intent and ensure mission success.


Enable single to dozens of unmanned aircrafts to operate intelligently or in teams.


Create new possibilities for utilizing autonomy and artificial intelligence in space.


Enable maritime vehicles to accomplish mission objectives above and beneath the sea.


Give troops on the battlefield a real-time advantage


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Are you driven to work on missions that matter? If you’re a solution-oriented engineer, scientist or technician with an innate sense of curiosity, then you’re the ideal candidate for our team. Explore current opportunities and apply today.

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Kunal Mehra, President; Patricia Kelly, Vice President; Dr. Raman Mehra, CEO; and ESGR’s John Pelose getting an award
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SSCI logo with drones and satellites in the background
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SSCI logo with drones and satellites in the background
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