Sanjeev Seereeram headshot

Dr. Sanjeev Seereeram

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Seereeram is responsible for leading SSCI’s collaborative mission autonomy technology vision, strategy and roadmap development. In this role, he coordinates team efforts in AI/ML-enabled active perception, collaborative and cognitive mission autonomy for current and future multi-vehicle unmanned systems to meet the strategic and tactical capability needs of our customers.
He has led DARPA, NASA, AFRL and NAVAIR-funded efforts to develop software technologies for onboard autonomy, mission planning, image-based navigation, autonomy, robotics and control for maritime, air and space systems. His interests and experience include Autonomous and Intelligent Systems, Advanced Controls and Estimation, and Information Technologies. Dr. Seereeram holds a M.S. in Electrical Engineering (Brown University) and a Ph.D. in Computer & Systems Engineering (RPI).