Bob Polutchko headshot

Mr. Bob Polutchko

Vice President, Solutions Programs

Mr. Bob Polutchko is the Vice President of Mission Solution Programs at Scientific Systems. His primary responsibilities include the realization and delivery of disruptive prototypes and demonstrations of revolutionary solutions for SSCI customers’ most challenging missions. Overall, the focus is on the creation of AI/ML enabled capabilities to command, control, communicate with, and manage composable collections of intelligent agents, smart sensors, and autonomous platforms. Bob brings over 25 years of experience as a leader of innovative aerospace and defense research and development in large, small, and multi-national companies.

Mr. Polutchko has led organizations and programs engaged in development of ground robotics, advanced power generation, sniper detection systems, intelligent munitions, spacecraft heat shields, weapon GN&C, MEMS instruments, aircraft avionics upgrades, guided airdrop systems, and Space Shuttle rendezvous & proximity operations GN&C.  Bob has SM and SB degrees in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from M.I.T.