Sensor Exploitation

Given the proliferation of low-cost, high resolution sensors on both manned and unmanned platforms, turning raw data into actionable information is the key to force multiplication. Building on our expertise in GMTI, SAR, GPR, sonar, HIS, and EO/IR, Scientific Systems bridges the gap between data and information.

Image-Based Navigation And Precision Targeting (ImageNavTM)

ImageNavTM is a vision-based navigation and precision targeting system for use on manned / unmanned aircraft and cruise missiles. ImageNavTM uses the platform’s existing sensors to compare the air vehicle’s flight path to a known terrain database. ImageNavTM has demonstrated target geo-location and navigation precision of < 3 meters CEP in high-fidelity tests on real flight data gathered by Boeing. ImageNavTM is currently being transitioned to several cruise missile and UAV platforms.

Mine / Unexploded Ordinance (UxO) Detection and Recognition

SSCI’s handheld mine detector software enables an order-of-magnitude improvement in detection of buried metallic and non- metallic landmines. This software has been fielded by CyTerra (now L3) on their hand-held mine detectors, which are currently in use in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Visual Collision Detection (VISTA)

SSCI’s Visual Threat / Obstacle Awareness (VISTA) system enables UAVs to operate in the national airspace by providing these platforms with the ability to detect, see, and avoid obstacles and conflicting aircraft. VISTA is a passive solution that has been successfully tested on an unmanned helicopter for DARPA.

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