Autonomy and Control

Building upon our Sensor Fusion and Decision Support framework, SSCI’s unmanned vehicle control and autonomy software allows multiple air, ground, and maritime unmanned vehicles to coordinate and collaborate to achieve large-scale, complex missions. Applications include swarming UAVs, teamed ground robots, undersea vehicles, and hybrid systems.

SSCI is also a leader in the areas of Air & Spacecraft Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GNC). Our solutions have been employed on systems ranging from advanced fighter aircraft to NASA spacecraft.

In applications such as wide-area surveillance and missile defense, the number of potential objects of interest can sometimes be overwhelming without intelligent use of sensor resources. SSCI has developed software tools that are derived from control and information theory to efficiently and dynamically allocate sensor resources based on data quality and objects’ tactical significance. The software tools have been successfully applied to ground surveillance and ballistic missile defense.

UUV/USV Autonomy & Collaboration

SSCI’s software for multi-vehicle mission planning, autonomy, and collaboration enables teams of unmanned vehicles to cooperatively accomplish large-scale ISR and mine-counter measure (MCM) missions. These capabilities have been extensively developed and tested under various DARPA and ONR programs.

Integrated Damage Adaptive Control System (IDACS)

IDACS enables manned and unmanned space and aircraft to effectively operate in the event of damage to the airframe or failures of critical control surfaces / actuators by generating corrective signals when errors are detected. Under extensive tests in Boeing’s F/A-18 piloted simulator, IDACS enabled the pilot to regain control of the aircraft under a broad variety of control and actuator failures. IDACS is a software solution that can easily be retrofitted to existing control systems.

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