Mr. Pat McLaughlin

Vice President of Innovation

Mr. Pat McLaughlin, Vice President of Innovation, is responsible for maintaining and leveraging the company’s culture of innovation to develop new programs for DARPA, ONR, AFRL and other research organizations. Pat brings over 30 years of experience in aerospace and commercial industries, having led research initiatives in diverse market spaces such as software processes, systems analysis, data fusion, information security and medical systems.

As the Technology Innovation lead for Lockheed Martin, he was responsible for new research program concepts such as augmented reality for the battlefield. He has been active in the research community including paper presentations and conference support on a variety of subjects including: cognitive situation management, behavior recognition, Information Assurance, activity modeling, influence operations planning, and acoustic monitoring of surgery. He has a Masters degree in Operations Research from Claremont Graduate School, and a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College spanning various disciplines such as computational intelligence, fuzzy logic, sensor exploitation, computer networks, and simulation.