SSCI Awarded Contract from NAVAIR for Integration and Test of Autonomous Shipboard-Landing Optical System for Fire Scout MQ-8

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Coming off of successful flight tests with manned and unmanned aircraft such as the R-22 and Maverick VT-UAV, SSCI’s Image-based Relative Navigation for Shipboard Landing (ImageNav-SL) will have yet another chance to shine as it helps the MQ-8 meet accuracy requirements in visibility conditions similar to those required for manned helicopter operations.

For Immediate Release – September 25, 2015

Scientific Systems Company, Inc. (SSCI) has been awarded a NAVAIR contract to integrate and test an onboard, fully-autonomous, optically-based relative navigation system designed for integration into the US Navy’s MQ-8 Fire Scout unmanned helicopter (VT-UAV) shipboard auto-landing system.


SSCI’s Image-based Relative Navigation for Shipboard Landing (ImageNav-SL) uses passive, optical (EO/IR) sensors to detect and analyze existing ship deck markings and provide Deck-Relative Navigation measurements. ImageNav-SL is designed to use low-power/low-weight, commercial cameras to meet MQ-8 accuracy requirements in visibility conditions similar to those required for manned helicopter operations. It requires no additional shipboard modifications or additional equipment. ImageNav-SL technology has been successfully flight-tested using manned R-22 and unmanned Maverick VT-UAV aircraft. Under this NAVAIR contract, ImageNav-SL technology will be integrated onto representative MQ-8 equipment, and flight-tested in at-sea trials to demonstrate shipboard landing capability.

Dr. Raman Mehra, founder and CEO of SSCI notes “Our products provide the brains and nervous systems for unmanned vehicles to operate autonomously and accomplish their missions in difficult environments.” ImageNav-SL is a prime example of SSCI’s development of advanced capabilities for unmanned systems. Technology developed under this program is applicable to a wide range of unmanned systems by providing an autonomous landing capability without GPS or ground-based RF navigation aids.

About Scientific Systems Company, Inc.

Since 1976 Scientific Systems Company Inc. (SSCI) has engineered intelligent control systems for defense and commercial applications. SSCI is a leading innovator performing research and technology development for various DoD agencies. SSCI is a provider of advanced mission planning software, mature image-based navigation systems for GPS-denied environments on a wide variety of platforms, and developer of mine detection systems for the U.S. Army. For more information, contact (781) 933-5355 or

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