VERIFY II (AFRL Wright-Patterson)

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VERIFY II  (AFRL Wright-Patterson)

 Scientific Systems Company announces that it has been awarded a contract by the Air Force Research Lab at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to continue development of their VERIFY system for sensor evaluation and integrity monitoring, previously demonstrated under a Phase I Small Business Innovation and Research Program. VERIFY monitors a sensor’s measurements and compares against other system data to evaluate trustworthiness of the measurements, which is especially valuable when SWaP constraints are prohibitive of full sensor redundancy.  This system will be used by manned and unmanned aircraft to detect anomalous readings in sensor data (primarily radar) which would indicate that the sensor is out of calibration or in need of maintenance. Because the VERIFY system can alert analysts, mission planners, and flight crews to the problem before the sensor fails—and when possible will mitigate the failure to continue obtaining usable data—VERIFY reduces the requirement for redundancy in sensors and missions to ensure that the needed information is obtained.

 “This project builds on SSCI’s long history of work in the prognostics and health monitoring field,” said Mr. Joe Jackson, principal engineer on the Phase II project.  “By reducing the need for spares and preemptive or reactive maintenance to produce confidence in the instruments’ performance, this project will produce a cost savings for the Air Force and help the warfighter collect actionable intelligence under adverse circumstances.”

 The two-year contract is valued at approximately $750,000.  SSCI is supported in this project by the Brigham Young University.



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