FAUST (Finite-field Algebra for Unbeatable Situational-awareness in Tactical networks) (U.S. Army)

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FAUST (Finite-field Algebra for Unbeatable Situational-awareness in Tactical networks) (U.S. Army)

 Scientific Systems Company announces that it has been awarded a contract by the U.S. Army, Aberdeen Proving Ground, to continue development of their Finite-field Algebra for Unbeatable Situational-awareness in Tactical networks (FAUST), previously demonstrated under a Phase I Small Business Innovation and Research Program.  The FAUST algorithms provide scalability and survivability for tactical networks connecting vehicles, robots, and soldiers, while efficiently synchronizing Situational Awareness information among all nodes.  This award extends SSCI’s ongoing work in a variety of specialized ad hoc networking techniques intended for airborne, man-portable, and unmanned vehicle networks.

 “The The value of FAUST is that it can quickly update large amounts of information across all nodes in the network, even if the network connectivity is intermittent,” said Mr. Carlos Gutierrez, lead engineer for the FAUST project.  By passing a description of the information rather than the information itself, FAUST reduces synch times by an order of magnitude compared to current algorithms.  “This has great applicability to wifi and cellular networks, where a large number of users could create a bottleneck in synchronization,” Mr. Gutierrez said.

 The two-year contract is valued at approximately $750,000, including options.  SSCI is supported in this project by Boston University. 



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