Interrupted SAR (USAF)

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Interrupted SAR (USAF)

 Scientific Systems Company announces that it has been awarded a contract by the Air Force Research Lab at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to continue development of their Interrupted Synthetic Aperature Radar Reconstruction algorithms, previously demonstrated under a Phase I Small Business Innovation and Research Program.  The intSAR algorithm performs reconstruction of SAR images which contain gaps or interference, allowing image analysts to gain actionable intelligence from data that would otherwise be considered unusable.

 “This is a revolutionary approach to the gapping problem,” said Dr. Les Novak of SSCI.  “This technique has never been applied to SAR data before, but in Phase I, we were seeing results that were comparable to ungapped data.”  The plan for this Phase II SBIR program includes development of a faster, real-time version of the intSAR algorithm which may be embedded on a radar system.

 The two-year contract is valued at approximately $1 million.  SSCI is supported in this project by Boston University and Raytheon Missile Systems.


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