Distributed Battle Data Network (AFRL Wright-Patterson)

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Distributed Battle Data Network (AFRL Wright-Patterson)

 Scientific Systems Company announces that it has been awarded a contract by the Air Force Research Lab at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to continue development of their Distributed Battle Data Network (DBDN) system, previously demonstrated under a Phase I Small Business Innovation and Research Program.  This system will be used by manned and unmanned aircraft and ground stations to detect and avoid enemy air defenses through innovative information sharing between all networked assets.  DBDN provides routing that automatically generates multi-path routes when they are needed to keep track of more network state information so routes will minimize exposure to enemy interference, and Disruption Tolerant Networking techniques to avoid data loss during short outages and increase detection information delivery. DBDN also provides network organization techniques to optimize detection information delivery to fusion nodes that can combine them to detect enemy emitters and methods for fast detection of congestion or link loss to trigger re-routing.

The two-year contract is valued at approximately $750,000.  SSCI is supported in this project by the BBN Technologies division of Raytheon.



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