Air Force funds SSCI research into Multi-layered Multi-Sensor Dynamic Detection and Discrimination of Dismounts

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WOBURN, MA, February 3, 2009 – The U.S. Air Force awarded Scientific Systems a Phase I SBIR contract today to develop algorithms that would leverage information collected from heterogeneous sensors to better automate the detection and tracking of enemy foot soldiers.

With the recent changes in threats and methods of warfighting, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) activities have become critical to the military’s efforts to maintain situational awareness and neutralize the enemy’s activities. While a number sensor platforms exist for ISR and many others are currently under development, each sensor alone faces limitations in meeting the ISR criteria of world-wide perspective, fusion, detail and persistent surveillance. However, the complementary nature of these sensors facilitates a synergistic approach to Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) and Tracking in ISR scenarios.

To address this need, SSCI proposes the Discrimination using Sensor Collaboration and Verification (DiSCVer) system for dismount detection. SSCI’s approach is an architecture that calls for a high altitude, low resolution sensor generating cues that are passed along to available close-in sensing platforms for high resolution coverage of high priority targets. The proposed system will be flexible with regards to available sensors, thereby making it “future proof,” and will build on existing SSCI capabilities to develop efficient algorithms for dismount detection, density estimation, tracking and discrimination.  SSCI also intends to use its Learning Classifier Systems (LCS) to fuse features, contextual information and evidential information  obtained from different sensors.

The algorithms developed in this effort will be of great use in many Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems used by the military in the Global War on Terror and by the Department of Homeland Security. The automated algorithms proposed in this effort will help reduce the burden on personnel involved in these applications.

This research work moves Scientific Systems closer to its goal of enabling intelligent autonomy in unmanned systems by automating one aspect of the ISR mission which will help create actionable information that future unmanned systems could exploit.

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Scientific Systems Company, Inc. (SSCI) pioneers products and technologies that provide the intelligence for unmanned ground, air and maritime vehicles to autonomously and collaboratively accomplish missions in difficult environments. A leading developer of technology solutions for defense and industrial suppliers, SSCI is one of the top 20 recipients of Small Business Innovation Research awards in the U.S. and is recognized by the U.S. Navy and Army for its record of successful technology transitions. A privately held company based in Massachusetts, SSCI collaborates with a network of defense industry prime contractors and consultants, drawing on an accumulated investment of over $150 million in advanced research and development funding.

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