1685: Senior Research Engineer – Bio-inspired Visual UAV Controls

Open Job Announcement:
Senior Research Engineer – Bio-inspired Visual UAV Controls

Scientific Systems Company Inc. (SSCI) is looking to fill a Senior Research Engineer position in the Active Perception and Cognitive Learning group. This position requires prior experience in the development and implementation of novel, bio-inspired visual control algorithms for UAV reactive flight control.

Job Title Senior Research Engineer – Job Code 1685
Level PhD with 12-24 months Applied R&D Experience in UAV visual controls
Location Woburn, MA
  • Lead development of novel, bio-inspired UAV flight control algorithms for reactive obstacle avoidance and goal approach in indoor and outdoor environments at high speeds.
  • Present results at customer meetings, academic conferences, and in internal reviews
  • Design and Maintain fleet of small UAVs configured for reactive visual navigation
  • Manage and support internally and externally-organized flight tests
  • Write technical proposals for new R+D programs
Required Skills/Experience
  • PhD in Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering with a focus on bio-inspired visual reactive control applied to small multi-rotor UAVs
  • Experience implementing the Fajen and Warren potential field controller and flight testing it at speeds of greater than 15m/s on a small UAV at altitudes below 5m
  • Experience implementing biological neuroscience research into working prototype flight control systems, including the development of mechanical, electrical, and software interfaces to build autonomous UAVs
  • Experience building vehicle autonomy system software including autopilot interfaces, camera interfaces, standard software libraries, and custom implementations of visual perception algorithms for fast reactive sense and avoid using bio-inspired Expansion Rate and Steering Field based algorithms
  • Experience working with the PixHawk autopilot using the ArduCopter stack
  • Experience with OpenCV and NVidia VisionWorks computer vision libraries
  • Experience leading research, developing and flight testing fast (>10m/s) visual controls systems for small multi-rotors that operate without comms or GPS indoors and outdoors at altitudes below 5m
  • Experience developing optic flow based reactive navigation systems for small UAVs using standard cameras and cameras configured with parabolic mirrors
  • Experience presenting complex technical material to government customers
  • Experience executing complex flight tests as part of government organized demonstration events, including working as part of a team to complete unknown complex missions with an autonomous UAV without GPS
  • Proficiency with C/C++, Matlab or Python, GPU optimizations of computer vision code
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
Desired Skills/Experience
  • Experience with CUDA (or any GPGPU programming), DSP, or FPGA
Compensation Salary is competitive with market rates, with annual bonus awards based on company and individual performance. SSCI offers a generous benefits package, which includes an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), Bonus Plan, 401K, and Health / Life / Disability Insurance.
Notes This position requires U.S. Citizenship.


Please email your applications to ssci‐1685@ssci.com. Include the Job Code 1685 (use Subject Line) and at least three (3) references with your correspondence for prompt consideration.

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